TECNOLOGY Only thanks to specialized personnel it is possible to reach a quality level recognized all over the world

The technological quality cannot be assessed by the number of available machines, although they are perfectly equipped, but in particular by the professionalism and adequate personnel training. All our technicians, installers and workmen are specialized and have followed a targeted training course.

The company is certified ISO 9001 n° 9165.CGIU and boasts the help of a number of machines and cutting, bending and welding systems, which cover the requirements for our kind of production.

CAD station for project analysis and plotter for technical drawing printing       Welding workstation with X-axis travel equal to 10 m, equipped with anthropomorphic robot ABB
Cutting pantograph with multiple plasma HRD 130 heads for high-quality cuts, which can be equipped with both oxyacetylene and plasma cutting Press moulding machine with 6 m clearance and different blades for curve bending, max. thickness 9 mm
Shear knife with 4 m clearance for sheet cold shearing, max. thickness 6 mm
Spray booths with suction hood and filters for synthetic and epoxy powder paints
Large-sized sandblasting chambers, project in progress for ca. 400 mc.